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Waitress & Gangsters Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:54:10
Released: 2007
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    The Waitress and the Gangsters - Gansta Slap.

    This film is a brand new genre. It has everything; a strong plot, great acting by the entire cast, severe punishment. It is erotic, it has the overtones of a darkness rarely seen in a CP video. To cut it short, it's a winner and I'm proud to have it wearing the "Nemesis" lable. The scene is set in a club, owned and run by a gangster.

    He has a huge deal going down. So when his associate turns up, all is being done to make him welcome, even giving him the waitress that caught his eye to amuse himself with. So imagine the chaos when she is told to dance, which she does, but slaps him when he makes a grab for her. The owner is absolutely furious, the deal almost goes bottom up, but instead the waitress does. The newcomer is invited to punish the poor girl; he does, with vigour. When he has finished, she thinks it all over, but oh no! Now Jack Palmer, the owner truly makes her pay for her innocent mistake. Over the knee spanking, on all fours, then the paddle, which has her in tears..still not satisfied, he canes the poor lass.

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    Cast & Stars: Waitress & Gangsters

    Comments on Waitress & Gangsters

    Editor's Review

    Ahhhh, those British. They make awesome disciplinarians, but not terribly convincing gangsters. The weakest parts of "Waitresses & Gangsters" involve the set-up, which goes on too long for my tastes. I had problems understanding the dialog, too -- I could've used subtitles to decipher these thick, working-class English accents.

    Another problem: while spanking sounds came thru quite nicely, voices did not. I grew frustrated, cause I was really trying to figure out what everyone was saying. Maybe this is why the acting wasn't terribly convincing for me, and why I could've done without so much exposition. However, once the action gets rolling, Jack Palmer & friends pull off a satisfying variety of spanking thrills, and suddenly what started out as a 2-star movie turns into an exciting 4-star adventure.

    And so we begin with the blah-blah-blah I'm not too thrilled with: a business owner/gangster is discussing some vague sorta deal with a character I think is named "Jordie" who isn't happy -- something about his merchandise is late or whatever. The owner, Mr. Palmer, admits fault; they agree on a new delivery date, and then... it's Miller time! A pretty blonde waitress brings them each a beer, and catches Jordie's eye.

    He's in town by himself for the next two days, so Mr. Palmer introduces them, and tells "Debbie" to do whatever the man says. At first, he just ask her to spin around so he can have a look. Smashing! Her slim, feminine physique rocks a short, clingy black skirt, tight white tank top, and the coolest pair of thigh-high stiletto boots, rowwwwl!

    "Let's see you dancing..." he tells her. But she doesn't dance. Oh, but she must! Grudgingly, she obliges. She's droopy & uninspired, swaying her hips half-heartedly to generic rock music. She bends over for him, and he suddenly bolts up from the couch -- hands on her hips like a stage direction. She turns & limply slaps him.

    As if on cue, Mr. Palmer instantly returns, and a little scene unfolds where the deal almost goes sour but then they decide that Jordie will spank her, and somehow that'll balance things out. The spanking abruptly takes off from here, as Debbie's pulled across his lap for some bare-handed smacks over her skirt & black pantyhose.

    She complains & wriggles so we can see her leopard-print high-cut panties peeking out from under her skirt. He lifts the skirt, pauses for a sip of beer (nice touch!), and resumes spanking. He pulls down her panties, and spanks thru her pantyhose (she wears her panties OUTSIDE her pantyhose?)... By the time he's exposed her butt completely, her cheeks are already flushed with handprints.

    Debbie seems to have trouble staying in position, but otherwise her cries of distress are pretty mild, at this point in the movie. A little dramatized, even. Jordie doesn't seem terribly into administering the spanking, either, although it's nice when he roughly adjusts her body across his lap, showing his strength. He also scolds her quite a bit, and I really wish I'd been able to understand the dialog better, here, cause aggressive banter can be quite hot.

    Oh well. He dumps her to the floor, where she sits (rubbing her ass) while Mr. Palmer explains that she's all his for the night. Good deal! Debbie is ordered back across Jordie's lap, and the spanking continues. He's hitting her very hard, now, and the camera focuses on her strained countenance, followed by lingering views of her lovely red cheeks, practically glowing like burning embers.

    Things heat up even more after Mr. Palmer brings Jordie a leather paddle. Debbie stands up, bends over the couch, and receives a butt-warming that makes her pant, groan, and jiggle her legs to try & shake off the ever-intensifying pain. Jordie winds up and throws his whole body into each blow, while the owner sips beer & occasionally engages him in business banter. These blokes are so callous!

    I may bitch about sound but I can't complain about visuals: we're blessed with some absolutely beautiful views in this movie. Excellent use of close-ups -- it's like being right there in the scene, eye-level with her reddening ass. The paddle leaves crimson welts, not just across her cheeks but along the backs of her thighs, too. I like how both guys take turns squeezing her inflamed flesh so hard it blanches with the pressure, only to spring back even ruddier than before.

    The blows fall rhythmically now, on one cheek, than the other. Back and forth: whap-whap, whap-whap... She moans and wiggles in place uncontrollably as the final dozen strokes fall. Mr. Palmer orders her out of their sight, then cordially thanks Jordie for his business and walks him out the door. But poor Debbie's punishment is far from over! She's called to the carpet again, and reamed out for being stupid and disrespectful, for failing to do as she's told.

    Mr. Palmer takes her by the throat -- her long, blonde hair whipping to & fro and he tries to force her to look in his eyes. His voice drips with menace as he growls, "We're gonna play a little game MY way, alright?" Though she gasps in the affirmative, it's not like anyone's pretending she has a choice.

    I love this build-up, now, when Mr. Palmer stands behind Debbie, removing his jacket & rolling up his sleeves, chastising her all the while for failing to show proper obedience. "Skirt, off!" he demands, and impatiently rushes her to comply. "Now, you and me are gonna spend a very pleasant evening together!" he tells her, punctuating his words with some firm but restrained warm-up spanks.

    This is funny: she tells him she quits. Of course, he laughs at her, and Mr. Palmer seems terribly irritated, genuinely fed up with this girl: "Are you really that stupid? The only way you quit from us is in a box, don't you get it?" He spanks her fiercely, first over her panties, and then he yanks them down & finally rips her stockings off with his bare hands (!!), exposing tender rosy cheeks. She hides her face in her hands, trying to control herself under this assault.

    Mr. Palmer seems to be hitting his stride in this role, here, and on one hand I really dig his stern, forceful demeanor, which adds to the intensity of the scene. On the other hand, though, the repeated death threats are a bit over the top for me, so don't say I didn't warn ya! Overall the spanking is so compelling to watch, dialog is largely superfluous, anyway.

    So let's see... he spanks her over his lap, he spanks her leaning sideways, bent over the couch. He orders her down on all fours, head lowered, knees spread, back arched. He spanks her so hard, now, her body lurches forward when his hand makes contact. She struggles to maintain her position, but no matter how hard she tries, he's not happy. I love how he grabs her by the hair & yells in her face to stay still, to behave, to endure -- very intimidating!

    Spanking is a workout, and eventually Mr. Palmer is huffing & puffing with exertion. He takes a little break to inspect Debbie's swollen ass, grabbing handfuls of flesh while she winces in pain. He fingers her tank top, orders her to remove it, then spins her around so he can look in her eyes, his hands on her throat... in profile, her tiny tits are barely more than nipples, adding to the sense of vulnerability about her.

    Her spanking continues, mercilessly. She's naked, except for the thigh-high boots and ripped pantyhose awkwardly pinning her legs. Mr. Palmer abruptly ceases, tells her to wait while he goes to get his cigarettes. He smokes leisurely as she stands submissively before him, rubbing her sore butt & waiting nervously for her punishment to resume. My, what a sad little bottom! Blushing vibrantly, and spotted with little marks of deep red here & there.

    She's ordered to fetch the paddle Jordie used on her, and she's facing forward, her hands on her head in supplication. Hello full-frontal nudity! Mr. Palmer walks her to a mirror and paddles her butt, which allows us to watch her face react to every blow. She shakes her legs, brings her hands to her eyes, her head, her hips... it's like she doesn't know what to do with them, she's so overwhelmed by the sensations raging on her rear.

    Mr. Palmer wanders off one last time, returning with a cane, which makes a nerve-racking whiz as he swings it around, threateningly. With a chilling crack, it lands across her ass and sets off a deep, heart-felt "Owwwwwww!" from our girl. After a few more strokes, her legs tremble uncontrollably, but Mr. Palmer doesn't care. "Do you see any sympathy on my face?" he asks her.

    Oh, this girl is unbelievable. She reminds him, "You told me not to look at you..." and lets loose a nervous smile, an awkward laugh. Mr. Palmer pounces, "Oh, cute! Very, very cute..." He throws her back down over the couch, "Let's see you laugh at this!"

    He winds up with the cane, now, so the blows fall even harder. I like how he uses the cane to point to her body, and position her face & legs this way & that as he chides her. Raised welts appear as he gives her a measured number of strokes -- one for every day she's worked for him? I wish I could hear his banter better, it sounds like he's really into it now.

    Finally, her punishment is over, and he tells Debbie that his friend Jordie's gonna wanna take her to bed. "I don't think that's such a bad idea, do you?" he asks her, as he pulls her toward him & leads her outta the room. She tearfully, reluctantly agrees.

    And... wow. For a slow-starter, this movie wound up delivering in spades: great camera work, thrilling action, convincing role play. While I tend to prefer more playful pieces, myself, I gotta hand it to Cheeky Video for creating truly menacing characters to carry out this severe, on-going spanking. Maybe too menacing, actually -- if you prefer lighter fare, you may have a hard time connecting to these cold, fierce Doms who show little delight in meting out sentences.