Gaby's Provocative Panty Show Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 01:10:35
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    Gaby, our German-American 50 year old, still in shape go-go girl is back with a vengeance. Gaby, a natural blonde, lets her patch grow out; while she is not hirsute she does have an attractive dirty blonde pubic patch. Because Gaby has been a dancer for years, her butt is rock hard. In out first scene, Gaby models full cut panties, giving the coveted panty spreads. In scene two, Gaby masturbates with a huge back massager and flesh colored dildo. She really gets into it. In scene three, Gaby falls in love with a cucumber. What she does with it I can't print, but I will tell you it got stuck. In scene four, Gaby works out with an assortment of dildos filling both her front & rear. In scene five, Gaby takes a whirlpool bath with her panties on! Rub a dub dub, wet panties in the tub. In out final scene, Gaby douches in the tub. This is an action packed video!

    Cast & Stars: Gaby's Provocative Panty Show

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