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Sweet Dream Box Cover

Studio: Cinema Erotique

Approximate Running Time: 00:10:07
Custodian of Records
CWM Fantasies, from the surrealistic to the real; this movie is for escaping far...

A sexy man

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Cast & Stars: Sweet Dream

Stars: Caroline, Julia, Alisha, Danny Mountain
Director: Cherry Chapman


Editor's Review

Sometimes there are just no words. None at all. I started out totally speechless, staring at a box cover that made absolutely no sense to me. Are those... mushrooms? No, wait... I think maybe that's a butt? And the shape of a person... made out of a vag? Confused? Yep, me too. So, the only logical thing to do is go to the description, right?

"A sexy man strips and falls asleep and you get to see the three women he dreams of and what one may think when their asleep. Very erotic, very artistic and sexy and sensual. Come and escape and enjoy the dream..."

So... that wasn't much help, but at least I know that everyone else was seeing what I was seeing, which was dismembered floating body parts and bizarre patterns made of moving people.

And we can't forget about the opening montage of ladies licking lollipops and popsicles. Ok, I didn't get that part either, but at least I thought it was kind of sexy. The rest of the ten minutes is what you watch when you've sniffed too much glue. I still say go for it though! Who doesn't like an art school project gone risque?

I may not find this WTF-inducing quickie something to jerk off to, but I guarantee that this is not the last time I'll be visiting this movie. I mean, the weirder something is, the more you must show it to others, right?