Penny Flame Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:44:15
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    Penny will capture your heart with her cute and flirty personality -oh yeah, she'll make you cum like a wildcat too! We follow Penny behind the scenes on a photo shoot for a Club International magazine layout. Occasionally she plays to the camera during small breaks. Penny puts her foot right up to her nose to give it a good whiff and makes a funny sound and face because it smells! There are a number of times where you will get a good stare at her slightly dirty soles and at one point you will even see her smoke a cigarette and spit. If you haven't fallen in love with Penny by now, you will, because at the end she plays to you with a seductive dance. Penny will put her moves on you and her hands all over herself! Penny ends up pouring yogurt on her tits and feet and finishes by putting her dripping wet feet right in your face so you can taste them!

    Cast & Stars: Penny Flame

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