Wet Desire Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:44:33
Released: 2005
Custodian of Records
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    In this much-anticipated sequel to "Midnight Desire", Goddess Desire returns yet again to grace us with her undeniable display of delicious goddesstry. From the opening scene to the last, she is absolutely mesmerizing and her dominance over slave boy Denial is readily apparent. The title of this video speaks for itself as Desire tramples Denial with her ice cream covered soles, commanding him to lick every drop as she caves in his tummy with 193 pounds of sheer beauty. Both Denial and the ice cream melt in unison, as neither stands a chance against the sizzling, hot sensation of the gorgeous goddess. She then finishes off Denial in trademark fashion, trampling him in a warm shower of water that drips from her hair and runs along her body, seducing Denial even further with a mouthful of pleasure the mere slaves only dream of.

    Cast & Stars: Wet Desire

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