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    The classic tale between goddess and slave continues in this steamy, erotic sequel. Goddess Desire invites her unworthy slave boy to her Chamber of worshipping. She wastes no time in taking charge of the encounter as she immediately orders him to his knees. After a thorough foot massage, Slave Boy Denial is then commanded underfoot where he must once again endure the full weight of the sexy goddess. Throughout the encounter, Desire uses her 185 lbs to cave in her slave's tummy while igniting his body with chills.

    For Denial, he finally succumbs to the persistent pleasures and confesses just how good it feels to be her slave. But Desire pushes him to his limit and makes him prove it by commanding him to lick and suck her long, delicious soles. The aftermath is inevitable as Denial explodes once again in sweet ecstasy.

    Cast & Stars: Midnight Desire

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