Pinwheels & Feathers Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:33:05
Released: 2005
Custodian of Records
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    Mistress Samantha stars in this video of high energy mistreatment of slave "cucky". It opens with cucky locked in the stock while Mistress Samantha regales about the previous nights escapades. She has been well fucked by several hung bulls and their seed has dripped out onto her thong. She removes it, displays the results of her wild sex to cucky and then stuffs it into his mouth.

    After humbling him, she begins methodically delivering persecution and pleasure to his helpless manhood with clothespins, a Wartenberg wheel, ball weights and a feather. After using the slapper liberally on his cock, she becomes aroused and touches herself. She orders cucky out of the stock and, after asking permission, he releases a huge load onto the cum plate. Mistress Samantha orders him down to use his face as a cum mop with her spiked heel on the back of his head.
    • Scene 1 - 33 mins 4 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Pinwheels & Feathers

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