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    Stephanie Rage & Chad Sanders - Stephanie as a housewife frustrated by hubby's inattention runs into an old boyfriend, Chad, who skillfully administers an attitude adjustment.

    Stephanie Rage & John Wright - John Wright plays a neighbor who comes over to borrow a cup of sugar and gets a lot of spice along with it.

    Stephanie Rage, Charlie Waters & Joey Silvera - Joey, as the boss, dives into the secretarial pool while cruising in a limousine with Steph and pert Charli Waters.

    Stephanie Rage & Cara Lott - Reminiscing about old times two former roommates demonstrate just what it was that made them so compatible.

    Stephanie Rage & Frank James - Stephanie as a lonely soldier's widow who, while recording her thoughts in her diary, lapses into an erotic fantasy about his return.

    Stephanie Rage, Porsche Lynn, Randy West & Joey Silvera - Four horny office workers re-define the basis for cooperative endeavor in a steamy four way marathon.

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