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Car Trouble Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:08:11
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    Enjoy this quick slice of vintage 1970's pornabilia! What happens when a stud's muscle car breaks down on the side of the road and a hot babe stops to offer ASS-istance?!! Well, it's 70's porn, so that really only means one thing - wet, messy, grainy Technicolor sex!
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    Comments on Car Trouble

    Editor's Review

    There isn't much worse than having car troubles on the side of the road, especially on a hot day. Even wearing his shortest shorts, this groovy '70s stud looks overheated and frustrated. Luckily rescue comes in the form of a foxy brunette interested in taking him home for a little rest and relaxation. I mean really, who wouldn't be up for bringing this long haired dude to bed? It was the '70s and the mutton chops/long hair combo was the bee's knees! That, paired with those tiny jean shorts and sports jackets - hell I wouldn't be surprised if that girl pulled his spark plugs just to get a moment alone with him!

    And once they are alone, it's not long before she's using her ring-laden fingers to unbutton his short shorts and get her mouth on his throbbing cock! Soon she is totally naked and showing off her drastic tan lines while her guest dives head first into her pussy.

    They mostly stick to fucking on their sides, with him coming from behind, but it never feels boring and I never once found myself wishing for a new position. This is either because the editing switched angles and shots frequently, or because the whole video is about 8 minutes long and I didn't really have time to be bored (though I have found myself bored within a matter of seconds before).

    There are so many things I love about these HotOldMovies flicks! First, I will never get tired of watching pornos shot on old school film. Sure the technology of the moment is seriously kickass, but that grainy quality of film is just so damn sexy! Ah Technicolor, the things you do to me.

    I will say that I will never enjoy the music dubbed behind these movies, but I've taken to muting the video and turning on my own sexy soundtrack instead. Sometimes when it comes to watch turns you on, a little improvising is all you need!