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Girly Spank Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:31:15
Released: 2008
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    Who's been a bad girl today? Cum find out for yourself in another hot offering from "Scorched!" These sexy women don't waste any time when it comes to spanking and domination!! Watch a gorgeous little submissive get her ass beat bright red by a beautiful and ferocious FemDom who simply adores the feel of warm, tingly flesh against her palms. Don't miss out spanking fiends!!
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    Comments on Girly Spank

    Editor's Review

    It’s been a while since we reviewed a good spanking movie, so I figured that today would be a great day to bring a nice red ass to the blog. We here at HM4Her have a definite affinity for rough sex and are always excited when folks are having super hot, consensual power plays. Up this time is studio Scorched , giving us a delightful girly spank flick featuring two delicious dark-haired hotties.

    This pair begins the scene slowly, sitting down together to negotiate before the toy comes out. Man, I love when porn shows sexy negotiation – it’s probably my favorite thing to see in a dirty movie. While the performers are never named, I will call them the Sub and the Dom to differentiae who is who. The Dom starts off giving her Sub a few smacks on the ass with her hand, gauging her pain levels and checking to see what she can take. What a great way to start any impact play!

    She continues with the hand-to-ass action before bringing out a big leather toy. I’m not sure if it would be called a whip, a paddle, or something else, but it’s basically a wide piece of leather with a handle. Very flexible and from how it sounds, very stingy. It makes the Sub’s ass a beautiful shade of bright red and gets a whole host of sexy moans out of her. I love that the Dom makes sure to check in with her Sub and give her lots of loving words as she beats the crap out of her as well.

    All-in-all, this is a great spanking movie that gets it right in all the big ways. My only criticizing is that the dog barking in the background for the first ten minutes is super annoying. It stops finally, but still, c’mon pornographers – shut that pooch up!