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Disrespectful Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:12:03
Released: 2009
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    Jodie's performance in school has not been the best in the past months. Therefore, Mr. Sherwood calls her for a small dictation. After a few moments, Mr. Sherwood realizes that it's already very late and that somebody needs to do the shopping for the evening. He sends the girl downtown with a lot of money for shopping. After 2 hours, Jodie is still not back - when she then enters home again, Mr. Sherwood soon finds out that all his money has been spent on nonsense. Not only furious about her letting him wait that long, but also very hungry, he takes the girl over his knee to give her some good sounding slaps over her tight jeans. The punishment then proceeds with the poor girl bending over and finally humiliated on all fours on the table.
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    Cast & Stars: Disrespectful

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