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Lesbo Cunt Attack Box Cover
Stars: ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:07:09
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    These two lovely Lesbos are in the kitchen and there is no beast so fierce as the one that comes out when they have had a couple cocktails. Their desire for only another overcomes them and they just have an insatiable appetite for cunts and go in attack mode! This film was shot on 8mm film (in color).

    Original Liner Notes: Lovely latin Maria persuades Pamela to lick her gaping asshole. Then these two lesbians get going by licking each other's twats and tits in a nasty session that borders on the brink of taboo. Spastic clit pinching fingers and biting teeth brings gushes of oozing pleasure to these to cunt lappers.
    • Scene 1 - 7 mins 5 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Lesbo Cunt Attack

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