Mother's Seductions






Approximate Running Time: 01:34:24
Released: 2013

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Six stories of Mothers being seduced, and seducing the ones who trusted them the most!

Scene 1-Foxy MILF Jodi West is in her room changing when her son Levi walks into the room to discuss the marital issues occurring between her and Levi's father. Levi expresses concern over their lack of intimacy and tells her that she deserves far better during her sexual prime. He slowly starts to undress her, approaching her bosom and sensually attempting to get her in the mood. It doesn't take much as Jodi starts to ravage Levi in the bedroom.

Scene 2-Frankie and his mother Jodi West are out of town to visit their aunt when they discover that their hotel room only has one bed, so they have no choice but to sleep in the same bed together. Everything is going well until Frankie gets an erection and his mother insists he rids of it before they can get some beauty rest. So she does what any good mother would do: helps him get rid of his massive stiffy.

Scene 3-Jimmy is on his way out of the house when his mother Jodi West approaches him to discuss a receipt she found in his pants while doing his laundry. Turns out, Jimmy has been spending hundreds of dollars at a strip club and his mother doesn't appreciate it when there are bills to be paid at home. So she decides to bring the strip club home to show Jimmy she can be a stripper at little to no cost to him.

Scene 4-Levi is having a conversation with his friend Andy about MILFS until Levi's mother walks into the room inquiring whether or not she could be considered a MILF. Levi responds frankly, telling her she doesn't really have the style for it. Feeling discouraged, Jodi decides to research the term MILF at the library and come home to prove to Levi that she is, in fact, a MILF.

Scene 5-Jodi West is in her bedroom alone, praying to God, seeking salvation for the sins she has committed. Instead of giving into temptation with her son once again, she decides to take care of herself with a large dildo. The next day, her son walks into the kitchen looking for a little typical R&R before Jody tells him it cannot happen anymore. Luckily for Frankie, she simply cannot resist his hard cock and she gives in once more.

Scene 6-Levi is relaxing before the big game before his mom Jodi walks into the room asking him to move a table in the living room. He sprains his back and demands she massage it, and before you know it, they are getting intimate
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Stars: Jodi West | Levi Cash
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Cast & Stars: Mother's Seductions

Comments on Mother's Seductions

finaaly, real people having real sex.

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