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Bad Girl Chelsea Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:48:20
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    Chelsea shows up late and Johnny is NOT happy about it! He decides she needs to be punished. First he puts her over his knee and lays into her ass with his hand. Then the real FUN begins! Almost an hour of nothing but fucking, sucking, rimming, ass fingering, hair pulling, and SPANKING! He even uses a big hair brush on her too! Her ass and thighs turn bright red by the end! All of you Chelsea fans know how much she loves sex, now see how much she likes to get spanked!
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    Cast & Stars: Bad Girl Chelsea

    Comments on Bad Girl Chelsea

    Editor's Review

    Rarely do we encounter a movie with two finer erotic specimens as Johnny and Chelsea. I mean, really! Johnny is a freaking stallion -- dark & lean & sinewy & chiseled & dear god look at the size of him. Chelsea's a fresh-faced blonde, very pretty, with an incredible body and few, if any, inhibitions. "Bad Girl Chelsea" begins with the premise that Johnny is punishing Chelsea for being late, but their vigorous, acrobatic encounter is pure pleasure for both of them. And so much fun to watch.

    The two literally fuck the sheets off the bed, it's awesome. Plus, there's spanking! Nothing painful, just light smacks & some rough talk that she totally gets into. Her creamy ass cheeks get nice 'n rosy under his hand, and glow even hotter after he takes to them with both sides of a wide hairbrush (she seems to especially dig the bristles). But the real attraction, here, is some of the most athletic sex you've ever seen.

    Things start off running -- 45 seconds in, Johnny's fat cock is poking outta his fly and a few seconds later, Chelsea's lips are on it. She wraps one hand around the base, and with her other hand she tugs her dress up to expose her bare bottom. He spanks her a few times, then bucks her off his prick so she's lying across his lap. He spanks her again and again, much to her delight.

    She rocks badass platforms; kicking, she shows off toned, shapely legs. I love how she gives the camera lots of eye contact, so happy to be the center of attention. Always a pleasure, watching an exhibitionist. "You gonna suck my dick right yet?" Johnny asks her, and she's enthusiastically back at it again.

    Johnny uses a small remote to zoom the camera in closer, as Chelsea sucks his dick so hard & fast the bed creaks. He holds her neck & pushes her to the base of his cock, then throws her over his lap again for more spanking. Chelsea's full tits spill out of her dress, and they sway as she works on him again with her eager mouth. He slathers spit between her ass cheeks, pulls them apart, spanks her asshole.

    He grabs her hairbrush, paddles her, pulls on her tits, pinches her nipples... She groans, sucks his thumb, rubs her pussy, rolls over to show us her hot pink cheeks. She crouches on the bed, butt towards us, as Johnny appears, naked, at her head. She blows him while he paddles her with the hairbrush and pushes his fingers into her asshole.

    "Aaaaahhh! Mwwaaaah!! Mmmm!! Uhhhnnnn!" Chelsea is going nuts: she turns Johnny around, spanks his ass, buries her tongue in his crack, chews on his cheeks, pulls on his cock from underneath. Johnny slips his finger into her asshole, rubs her clit, slides his dick over her curves & creases. The two ravage each other, making some truly spectacular sex faces.

    They are so pumped, so limber, they might as well be fitness instructors leading a class in sexual gymnastics. Not only do they run thru a dizzying array of coital positions, but they bump and grind with a feverish intensity that never wanes. Chelsea's hair comes undone, sweat glistens on her back, her eye makeup blurs...

    When she finally comes, she's lying astride him, legs spread wide. As they move together, his dick slides almost all the way out of her pussy... and then slides back in... In and out... Her asshole looks like it's winking... "That's it! Harder! God, I'm a really bad girl!!"

    She squats over him, bounces up & down on his cock (he's spanking her, of course). She screams, jerks, and finally collapses in a shudder. Their furious fuck continues, though -- he pounds her from behind, holds her hair, calls her whore, slut, bitch then loses his load all over her rosy ass cheeks. She blows him, smiles up at the camera, rubs his jism into her skin, then licks her hand clean.

    As the camera lingers over her spanked butt, her fucked pussy, her fingered asshole, Johnny's phone rings. It's his next bitch, who better not be late for their appointment. Gotta admit, I'm kinda hoping she is... and that he brings the camera!