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Russian Slaves #2 Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:25:00
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    Back to the Russian Schoolhouse we go as tawdry and barely legal tarts and tramps are having problems keeping their minds on their studies. They are dressed like sluts and there shall be needed correction coming from the male monitor and teacher. Comrade Professor is not pleased and the subtitles bear it out. Cleaning the board with underwear?? Disciplinary supplies include the little birch stick, perfect for paddling hands. We will use the ruler for that. If she can't take a hand slapping, look out if her flanks get welted and burned with the birch. Some Russian algebra and she cannot get the correct co-efficient. They did not study their lessons and now all three will be scourged and shamed. Our short-haired crybaby goes first, keeping on her skirt but removing her pretty panties, nice touch. Off comes the belt and her cute fanny will be belted with some well-placed swats. She must plead for forgiveness and admit her laziness as her perfect little arse is turning beet red. Back to the pop quiz and the brunette is having her problems. Poor little Karpova, she is sobbing already. This one must be totally shamed with her nakedness. What lovely, white silken panties she has and her mates finish off the job by dropping her drawers. Ruler and bastinado to the feet as she gets up on the table like a dog in heat. These people really like to focus on the bare soles. More art supplies come out of the closet and this is the real birch cane for whipping the bum. And striped up it shall be. And Potapova smoking in the potty? Oh, the cutest one of the group is now going to be soiled up for her infractions. Female teacher snitches and enjoys seeing the young blonde strip naked. 36 stripes for smoking??? Okay, its bare-hand swats. Blonde hair, dark gash. Red, round ass. Now a real problem--female teacher yanks female student into potty and has her way with her. Headmaster is not pleased. This soft-butch dyke is going to learn to "keep it in her pants." The birch now comes out. Teacher's ass is quivering with each stroke and the stripes are very severe. M/f discipline action. Crisp and precise.
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