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Open Up For Mistress Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:47:11
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    An ass opening adventure unfolds with Mistress Kelly and her slave 'cockslut'. This has the Mistress conversing quite a bit with the slut at the end of her cock. He has requested to be made her bitch. He first has his asshole opened by manual insertion and then by two, progressively larger, strap-on cocks. The last one is 8" buried to the hilt. In the conclusion, a dildo is duct taped into his ass and he is manually manipulated so hard you would think his cock would burst into flames. In the finale, he is on his back and licking Mistress Kelly's clit as he is made to masturbate. He spews onto his stomach and the Mistress collects his spunk and wipes it on his face and mouth.

    We see Mistress Kelly's slave 'cockslut' performing ass worship with his tongue deep inside her ass. Mistress Kelly slowly inserts a clear dildo and then a larger dildo shaped like a giant screw into cockslut. She is loosening his ass up for two, progressively larger dildos, that he will be fucked with and made into her bitch. Working both cocks in slowly, Mistress Kelly delights in his discomfort.

    There is a look at the dildo that will be penetrating slave 'cockwhore' from below as Mistress Kelly describes how she will bury it to the hilt in Her little ass whore. Her black boots and pussy, along with her leopard outfit show a sexy, dangerous Mistress about to do some serious ass fucking. She moves to take the large screw shaped dildo out of cockwhore. She lubes his ass and starts to insert the strap-on. For fun, she puts an egg timer on his back and tells him he will be getting an inch or so every thirty seconds until she has it buried completely up his ass.

    The slave is moving at the end of Mistress Kelly's strap-on, much to her satisfaction. She fucks him deep and hard, enjoying his squirming. Leaning in, she gives him every inch. His ass has opened fully for her and she continues to thrust as he moans out. After countless strokes, she pulls out and changes her strap-on to an even larger one. He is made to worship the 8" that will be penetrating him. He sucks, licks and kisses her weapon and is allowed breast and ass worship. She starts to insert the huge cock into his open ass.

    There is straight and unrelenting strap-on fucking in this clip. Mistress Kelly's slave 'cockwhore' is being fucked relentlessly and without mercy. Great point of view shots from between Mistress Kelly's legs. Clad in shiny black boots and her gorgeous pussy peaking out from under the strap on, we see Mistress Kelly delight in giving it all to her whore. 'Serious ass fucking,' she says, 'that is what you are getting now.' He begs her to make him into her bitch and she complies. Her beautiful, firm breasts shake and bounce as she fucks him.

    Mistress Kelly moves her slave into position to shove a dildo up his ass and duct tapes it in tightly. She begins to manually manipulate his stiff cock. Between the prostate massage he has gotten from two dildos and two huge strap-on cocks, his dick is dripping and sore. Mistress Kelly has the cum plate positioned but stops before he can unload. She places him on the bench, sits on his face and orders him to lick her clit as she pulls her pussy open over his face. He is jerking off as he cleans her clit and pussy hole and spews his seed on his stomach. She laughs and wipes it up with a well-manicured hand and then smears it all over his face and mouth.
    • Scene 1 - 46 mins 39 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Open Up For Mistress

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