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Lab Rat Milking Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:22:02
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    In this exercise in dexterity, Mistress Kelly shows you why she is our resident milking expert. Her magic hands make boytoy expend a giant load directly into his own mouth that is held open by the metal dental dam. His legs are suspended to the chains above and his hands are in the portable stock to make things more interesting. Mistress Kelly draws a bullseye on his face in lipstick to help her aim.
    Experimental...that's how Mistress Kelly was feeling this morning. Could she coax a load out of boytoy's prick and, aiming it in the general direction of his clamped mouth, succeed in not being bored and humiliating her favorite man pig with his own filthy spew? In order to maximize sperm production, she had laid out some implements: a pump-action cock-sucking tube, a medium size clear dildo (for stimulating the prostate gland), two silver vibrating bullets and duct tape and good old-fashioned baby oil. After a quick hello to the audience, it's down to business - hand job business. Stroking the shaft, she gets a rise out of the lab rat's cock. She utilizes the dildo and then pumps him. She has quite a fun time, ripping the pump tube off several times and laughing heartily. She applies the silver vibrating eggs and tapes them in place. The man pig is writhing on the floor. Now time for the dental dam to clamp his jaws open! But first, she draws a bulls-eye in lipstick on the face of her experiment.
    Time to take the dildo out! It had done its work in causing an extra swelling of the slave's berries. They stood away from his body from the cock ring like baseballs. He groaned as she removed it and screamed as she ripped the duct tape holding the vibrating eggs off his cock shaft. Time for some baby oil and two well manicured hands to do their work. Starting in front and moving to the side, Mistress Kelly works to coax the slave penis to full attention. Ignoring the distress he is in, her relentless hands conjure up a full load in his balls. Holding his cock, she milks and aims towards his mouth. His mouth is clamped wide open from the metal dental dam she had inserted. Gravity takes its toll as she milks blasts of cum from the head of his cock. Spew lands on his chest, face, arm and in his mouth! Reaching down, Mistress Kelly idly scoops jism from his chest and feeds him. Experiment concluded!
    • Scene 1 - 22 mins 2 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Lab Rat Milking

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