Landlord Violations






Studio: Karups
Approximate Running Time: 02:39:39
Released: 2019

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When Cindy Shine checked into the rental, her landlord couldn’t keep his eyes off her tight body wrapped in a short skirt and crop top. As soon as he left the room she stripped down to her bra and panties only to be surprised when he came back in with some paperwork for her to sign. She was more interested in kissing him than signing documents and he didn’t put up any fight when she laid him down on the bed, pulled his cock out, and gave him some spectacular head. Cindy might have been traveling for work, but she still needed cock so she shed her bra and panties so he could eat her bald, tight pussy then she got on all fours and backed up onto that dick, taking him deep inside her wet pussy. They rolled around on the bed, fucking in a few different positions with her ending up on top, taking every inch of that thick cock so deep it made her cum and left her gasping for breath.

When Lexi Layo showed up at this guy’s place to ask about the room he had for rent, she loved how the room looked then he took her down to the kitchen to show her around. There was a bit of a language issue between her and the landlord, but when she took a shower then walked into the kitchen naked, he knew what she wanted. His mouth explored her body, eating her shaved pussy, licking her flat belly, and sucking on her small, perky tits. His tongue was good, but she wanted his cock so she got on all fours and let him hit that pink pussy from behind. He may not speak her language, but he knows how to fuck her just right, making this sexy girl cum hard all over his dick. He plowed that pussy, welcoming his new guest with long, deep thrusts then just when he was ready to pop he pulled out and had her massage his balls while she stroked him and milked him dry. That is how you make a good first impression with the landlord.

When the landlord stopped by college hottie Sarah Smith’s place to check up on a few things, he walked in on the brunette babe as she hammered her trimmed pussy with her big dildo. Sprawled out on the bed naked, cumming hard on her toy, she was pissed when she opened her eyes and saw him rubbing his cock while watching. He told her she was going to have to pay for a broken cupboard, but she didn’t have any money, so she suggested they come to some other arrangement. On the couch, she took his big cock in her mouth and sucked it while he rubbed her tight, sexy body and played with her small, perky tits. It became a deal he won’t soon forget when she got on top and speared herself on his thick dick. She loved his cock a hell of a lot more than her toy, so she rode him then let him roll her into a couple of positions. On her hands and knees, she came on her landlord’s cock then he came on her pretty face and the deal was sealed!

There was a mistake at the rental office when they accidentally rented the same apartment to two different people. Daisy Lee was in the apartment taking a bath when the guy who was the other renter showed up and saw the hot blonde naked. They called the landlord and he was on his way over. As they waited, Daisy saw he was hard in his pants so she dropped her towel and let him play with her perky tits while she rubbed his cock through his pants. She was so impressed with the size of his cock she pulled it out and wrapped her soft, red lips around it while he rubbed her shaved pussy. The landlord and rental issues were long forgotten when he bent her over the couch and drilled his cock into her from behind. Daisy was horny so she got on top and rode him, slamming herself down on him so she could cum all over his shaft. The two had just met, but that didn’t stop them from passionately fucking. When he came on her pretty face and nice tits, they decided maybe they could stay in the place together!

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Stars: Sarah Smith
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