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Breath Play Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:26:24
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    The final episode of Todd's visit with Mistress Jean is now presented. Todd has gone through the wringer, but this final scene could be his last! Mistress Jean is quite fond of breath-play. Having complete control over whether her boy breathes or doesn't breathe pleases Mistress Jean like nothing else. Restrained with his nose and mouth covered in plastic wrap, Todd has little choice but to suffer the torments at the hands of his devious Mistress!
    • Scene 1 - 26 mins 24 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Breath Play

    Comments on Breath Play

    Editor's Review

    Amazing! There are so many things about this little gem that are worth talking about. Obviously it has to be mentioned that Mistress Jean is a goddess. She is gorgeous - from her gothic styling, to her fantastic body clad in latex, to her perfect natural breasts pressed down in the face of the helpless Todd - she is something to be revered for sure.
    Down to the nitty gritty, and Todd is really in for some shit. Mistress Jean starts off slow, torturing the bound man's nipples with clamps. You can tell he's been through this before, he barely indicates that he feels any pain at all. His nipples must have been through some hell to take those vicious metal clamps, but we'll come back to that pain test a little later. Mistress Jean then gets down to business, choking off Todd's airway with her hands.
    This only goes so far, however, before some better tools are required. Plastic wrap does the trick, and you will cringe in mortal terror at Todd's desperate gasps for air. She holds back his lungs until they're ready to burst, and only then does she allow him a brief interlude of oxygen before his face is again wrapped in plastic. Watch him fuckin' writhe!
    After the breath play has ended, Mistress Bardot decides her slave needs to be rewarded for being such a good sport. So, she unzips her latex top and exposes those beautiful tits of hers. What will she do with them? Choke Todd of course! He's a lucky man with those beauties pressed hard against his mouth and nose. Sure, he can't breathe - but with those tatas on your face who cares!? Not satisfied with merely choking him, Mistress Jean once again performs a pain-check on Todd's nipples and this time he passes. She bites down so hard on his left nip that she leaves a blood-red ring all the way around - you can barely make out individual teeth marks she's so fierce. He screams out in pain. Good response, Todd, good response.