Damsel In Distress 602 - Housewife Horrified






Studio: Red MILF Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:09:53
Date Added: 2020-11-21
Released: 2008

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Rachel lived alone and worked out of her home. She was in her office finishing up emails. She never heard the masked man enter through her bedroom window. He hid as she entered the living room picking up laundry. She turned around and there he was! She dropped her basket and froze for a second. Then she bolted away from him. He calmly walked towards her. Rachel screamed at him and ran for the door. He went after her grabbing her and covering her mouth. He tied her hands and feet with dirty pantyhose he found in her basket. He gagged her with her panties and a t-shirt tied tight around her head. The man looked her over. She was tall, tan and stacked. He scored with this broad! He pulled a tit out and grabbed at it. She struggled but the hose became tighter. He pulled her dress up to see no undies. He fingered her hot pussy. Rachel was still fighting, slowly weakening. He unzipped his pants pulling his cock out. Rachel was made to suck it. He pushed her head hard face fucking poor Rachel. When he was satisfied with that he bent her over the counter and humped away. The man left her in a heap on the floor.
Clip 1 - 9 mins 53 secs

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Cast & Stars: Damsel In Distress 602 - Housewife Horrified

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