Damsel In Distress 758 - Forgive Me Father, Perverted Priest






Studio: Red MILF Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:23:58
Date Added: 2021-01-13
Released: 2011

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Stacie was agoraphobic. She was afraid to go out in public. Her inability to leave the house pushed her and her son together. Stacie was confused about sexual feelings she was having about her son. She was having intimate relations with him. She was a member of the church so she asked the priest to come to her home to confess. As a long standing member of the church the priest provided this service. Deep down inside he was sick of listening to this stupid woman confessing about fucking her son. If she would just get out of the house she could find a man that she was not related to and get laid. On the other hand he did enjoy a good confession. It was surprising how many of these straight laced woman would not hesitate telling him the most intimates details of their sex lives. He had heard more stories of about housewives getting fucked by tennis instructors, pool boys, repairmen and swinger parties than he could remember. He was sure that their husbands would be shocked that their uptight wives that could rarely be convinced to give a little blowjob were letting so guy half their age bang them in the ass and shooting loads of cum down their throats. The priest was a twisted man who took advantage of many women who confessed sexual sins. The women would refuse to turn him in due to the embarrassment. So the priest and his evil helper continued on having their way with women. Since spiritual guidance was not working, the priest set up a video camera that was pointing straight at the chair that Stacie would sit in during her confession. He was going use the recording of her confession to blackmail her into breaking off the unhealthy relationship with her son. As she confessed the priest and his helper jerked their cocks in their pants. After Stacie's lengthy and sexually detailed confession, Father told her she was in real spiritual trouble. He told her she would need to take drastic measures to save her soul. Stacie told him that she could not stop fucking her son. He showed her he had taped her confession and would reveal it to the entire congregation if she did not break off the relationship and submit to him and his helper. His helper, Damian, tied her hands behind her back and the priest unbuttoned her blouse.
Clip 1 - 23 mins 58 secs

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Cast & Stars: Damsel In Distress 758 - Forgive Me Father, Perverted Priest

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