Highway 13 Maniacs






Director: ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:27:35
Released: 2015

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Humidity And Sweating, A Great Place To Be Rimmed By Vandal Vyxen: While the jogger felt a little off after the beating that he received from those three thugs. He opens his eyes, he is bound on a tree, can’t talk because his face is cover full of duct tape. The three misfits laugh at him hit him with tree branch. The fat guy who is with the two girls, started kissing both on the same time. The three of them quickly undress, both girls started sucking his cock. On this humid day, the suck all this transpiration from his sweaty balls in his mouth. The leader of the group, the colorful girl goes behind his back, spread his butt cheeks and tongue fuck him his hairy ass. While the college girl sucks his dick. When he is receiving a blowjob and a rimjob he is making the fuck you sign to the jogger guy who is made to watch them to copulate. Having a hard on, he is fucking both, before reaching the big O, the college girl put her ass in his face while sucking his cock with the colorful girl. When he cums, they kiss each other with his semen, and they take a bucket and spit in it. After the leader of the pack, decided to play with herself and squirt in the bucket, while squirting, there is some dirt that comes from the forest that came into the bucket. Having a bit of semen in his hands, he was his dirty hands on the poor jogger that his bound on the tree. The college girl takes the bucket full of semen and vaginal fluid beside the penis of the jogger. While the main girl, unzip his shorts and jerking him off, to make him cum into the bucket. The final touch, when he empty his balls in this bucket that has the maniac’s semen and the girls saliva mix with vaginal fluids that come from the squirt and also the dirt from the forest, the two girls remove the duct tape from the jogger wide his mouth and made him swallow it. As soon, he swallowed that shit, they beat him again, put him on the trunk of their Red Saturn. The college girl and the main girl take off gasoline pour it on the car. The trio distance their selves from the car and lit a cigar and throw it on the car, who explode…. To be continued.

Weird Science; Creation Of A Pure Sucking Whore: A lunatic, awkward scientist is desperate to find a hot girl to fuck. His personal antics restrain him to find hot chicks to get his cock blown. He decided with his skills with the use of technology to create the perfect women to get the perfect blowjob. While browsing a porn magazine and jacking off. The odd scientist is playing around with a computer from the 1980’s and doing voodoo shit on a doll in his lab, a huge bang erupts with smoke and hot chick half naked appears. The girl has humongous breast, walks towards him. Next thing you know, she doesn’t hesitate to suck his cock. She wraps her juicy lips around the tip of his penis, and stroke back and forth while using her hands to play with his balls. Her mission, to empty both of his balls with her skills as a blowjob performer. While she is doing a tit fuck, she grabs her balls so he could empty his first nut. As soon, as the odd scientist recover from the first money shot, she keeps sucking him. And let him for a moment to be fucked doggy style, you could see her facial expression enjoying the moment as the odd scientist have the same mutual response, that’s mindfulness at is fullest. With a fierce determination, she is making sure by furiously sucking his cock and playing with his balls at the same time, that he could empty the rest of his other balls. The mad scientist had just reached the Big O. He is so happy that is experiment led him to create the perfect cock sucker. The future might that he will recreate more professional cock sucking whores.

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Cast & Stars: Highway 13 Maniacs

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