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Approximate Running Time: 01:56:49
Date Added:
Released: 2020

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Closing her eyes as she grabs Chelsea's firm ass, Ciara turns her head while Chelsea passionately kisses her neck. Laying on her back, Chelsea smiles as Ciara slowly pulls her panties aside, uncovering her hairy pussy before licking her vulva. Turning around, Ciara sits on top of Chelsea, placing her shaved vulva on top of her face as they get ready to pleasure each other in an ardent 69-- licking each other as they get closer and closer to orgasm.

Slowly turning around as she feels Ayesha's hand move towards her pubic region, Sarah passionately kisses Ayesha's soft lips while Ayesha presses her body firmly against her bum. Pulling Sarah's panties aside Ayesha delicately caresses her pubic hair and moves towards her already wet pussy-- rubbing the tip of her fingers against her clit. Sarah giggles as she blindfolds Ayesha and makes her lay down in bed, opening her legs and, taking her time, she kisses her way down Ayesha's body, stopping at her vulva where she lets her tongue play around while Ayesha moans and squirms in pleasure.

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Cast & Stars: Girl Girl Sex 298

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