Life After Divorce






Approximate Running Time: 01:22:21
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Released: 2020

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Just a few months ago my world was turned upside down when my dad left my stepmom, Ariel. I heard them fighting, daddy was furious and embarrassed that Ariel cheated on him with his own secretary. Ariel cried, apologized, and fell to her knees. I saw a different side to my father that day, and I believe I saw his true character. When he told me to pack my shit, I laid on the floor consoling my stepmother instead. To hell with him. I wanted to live with my stepmom.

I don't want you to think that life is all roses and sunshine with my stepmom. I love her but she has some serious flaws. She's super religious and disapproves of my deviant lifestyle-- I'm a lesbian. Isn't that like 'the pot calling the kettle black?' I never told her that I know her secret. I know it would crush her and now is just not the time to cause her any more pain. Oh yeah, speaking of pain-- mom has been a royal pain. She wants me to change majors because an art degree won't make money. She also struggles to pay the mortgage but redecorates the entire house. Just when I was going to call my step-aunt for an intervention, I see her sitting in our kitchen with my stepmom having coffee and cookies.

My step-aunt, Penny Barber, is quite possibly the coolest woman on the entire fucking planet! She's fun, she's wild, and oh yeah-- one time we kissed, and she taught me how to make myself cum. I waited for an opportunity to be alone with her, just me and her, and this time will be different. I will kiss her back. I will take off her skinny jeans and panties, I will please her back! I will. I will!

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Cast & Stars: Life After Divorce

Comments on Life After Divorce

LuvTheFamily says:
This movie was so good, especially the scene with Ariel X and Penny Barber! I really hope they make a part 2 where Ariel X gets together with Jade Baker. That would be a hot pairing!

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