The Family Secret






Approximate Running Time: 01:41:23
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Released: 2020

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I see my beautiful stepmom, Helena Locke, in her yoga and meditation routine and I feel as if she's busted me. I'm going out on a date, it's my very first date with a GIRL. My parents don't know I'm a lesbian, and I'm keeping it a secret from them. I'm eighteen years old, I live under their roof, and I worry that they'll not only kick me out, but they'll disown me. I've lived with lots of families, and it seems like just as I start to feel a part of the family; they reject me. I finally feel like I fit in, and there is just no way I would let in on anything remotely controversial about me.

The date didn't go well, to say the least, and I came home in tears. I didn't know my stepmother was there waiting up for me, and she insisted on me telling her the whole story. She assures she will love me no matter what so I confide in her. I'm a lesbian. I am an inexperienced lesbian. I have never had an orgasm alone so how could I please another woman? I told her everything, except the fact that I am in love with my stepsister, Haley Reed. Helena takes me by the hand and wants to show me a form of meditation that I have never seen before in my life. I did it! I had my very first orgasm, and now I'm ready to have my first sexual experience, but it must be special. I want it to be with someone I know and love. I think of my stepsister. Watch the story unfold..

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Cast & Stars: The Family Secret

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