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Devils & Dildos Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:46:20
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    Nothing makes a Mistress happier than using a real cock to humiliate a slave. In this 47 minute bisexual adventure, Mistress Amber enjoys spanking, electrical, and strap-on. She milks two loads out of two cocks - one load into the face of her special 'girl' slave.

    Mistress Amber delivers some over the knee spanking to slave toy. Using Her hand and a cat of nine tails, Mistress Amber warms the slut up for some fun. Ordering up some foot worship, the submissive obeys Her commands immediately. Her transvestite slut looks wonderfully compliant as he/she licks and kisses Mistress Ambers spikes. She fastens his hands behind him and wipes the bottom of Her shoes on his extended tongue. Examining his enormous cock, Mistress Amber comments on the metal rings fastened around his balls and slaps the shaft repeatedly. She fastens a collar to her slut with a metal leash. Mistress Amber then applies electrodes to his cock and turns up the TENS unit to stimulate the penis. Slave toy is the ordered to perform armpit worship.

    Mistress Ambers bends low so Her tranny slut 'toy' can worship Her ass. She then leads devil dick in and makes toy lick his balls clean. A quick turn by devil dick and the slut has to lick and kiss another man's ass in order to get his cock down his/her throat. Mistress Amber holds the sluts head and uses it to service a real cock.

    Slut 'toy' is made to suck the devils dick until his/her jaws ache. A brief interlude to swallow some golden nectar from Mistress Amber as She delivers through the funnel and then it is time for toy to get strapped. Mistress Amber orders him to remove Her shoes and then places him over the red kneeler and roughly jams the cock up his ass. Gurgling and panting, the slut takes the entire dildo up his ass and Mistress Amber delights in his suffering.

    Mistress Amber orders toy off the red kneeler and onto his back on the bench. She starts to fuck him like a little bitch with his legs in the air. She grabs his huge cock and starts to milk as She fucks him. Ordering the devil over She commands the submissive to start sucking cock. She delights in strap-on fucking Her little bitch, controlling her cock and watching him take a real dick down his throat. She fucks him hard for several minutes straight. The devil positions himself over the slut's face and Mistress Amber begins to give him a hand job. She explains that there will soon be a gigantic load popped on the submissive tranny's face and She is going to enjoy watching his debasement under the devil's cock.

    Mistress Amber's coaxing hands milk the devil out after about two minutes. He splatters jism all over slave toys face and into his open mouth. Mistress Amber is delighted to see the humiliation occurring and be the cause of it. She wipes some cum from the side of toy's face and smears it around and into his mouth. She then orders Her slut to his knees in front of the black cum plate. The tranny's cock is rock hard from the excitement of taking a load in the face. Mistress Amber works his large shaft with Her hands and then starts repeatedly counting to ten. On the ten, She slaps his cock for not coming. This goes on until he can hold out no more. Mistress Amber milks him out into the plate, draining a huge load of jism. Spurt after spurt falls directly onto the plate and then feeds it to him, making him lick the plate clean.
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    Cast & Stars: Devils & Dildos

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