Anal Team 6 - Sc 3






Studio: Intimacy Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:23:35
Date Added: 2021-06-10
Released: 2020

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Top-secret military research has discovered a specific formulation of anal lube that combines with the natural secretions in a woman’s ass to form a subtle but highly effective truth serum. The military formed the elite special operations unit code named Anal Team 6 to exploit the discovery. Anal Team 6 operatives go through rigorous top-secret training. Only the “best of the best” women can make the grade and become part of Anal Team 6. Karina Kaifova is a special agent recruited to join Anal Team 6. She is not part of the military, but goes through the initial Anal Team 6 military training without a problem.
Clip 1 - 23 mins 35 secs

Anal Team 6 - Sc 3 Clip 1 00:00:40
Anal Team 6 - Sc 3 Clip 1 00:03:20
Anal Team 6 - Sc 3 Clip 1 00:06:00
Anal Team 6 - Sc 3 Clip 1 00:12:00
Anal Team 6 - Sc 3 Clip 1 00:15:40
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Cast & Stars: Anal Team 6 - Sc 3

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