Lesbian Crime Stories 5






Studio: Girlfriends Films
Approximate Running Time: 02:55:40
Date Added: 2021-03-06
Released: 2021

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Bad girls living a life on the run have to take care of each others' needs or nobody else will. Watch as they seek comfort in one another's sweet embrace. Good lesbians gone bad. Bad lesbians get what they deserve! Four amazing scenes by Girlfriends Films of hot, charming beauties pleasing each other.
Clip 1 - 50 mins 2 secs

Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 1 00:11:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 1 00:22:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 1 00:29:00
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 1 00:32:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 1 00:38:40
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Clip 2 - 42 mins 1 sec

Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 2 00:52:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 2 01:00:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 2 01:13:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 2 01:26:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 2 01:28:00
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Clip 3 - 43 mins 1 sec

Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 3 01:43:20
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 3 01:49:00
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 3 02:00:20
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 3 02:07:00
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 3 02:10:40
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Clip 4 - 40 mins 36 secs

Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 4 02:16:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 4 02:26:20
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 4 02:32:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 4 02:40:40
Lesbian Crime Stories 5 Clip 4 02:52:20
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Comments on Lesbian Crime Stories 5

JL says:
Same disappointing same-O, same-O. The box cover shows women dressed in sexy clothing, but the sex scenes are the same GirlFriends Films boring stuff with completely nude actresses. Seen one, seen them all.
MarkC says:
Its another super hot GG scene with McKenzie Lee! Always bringing us five star performances in her scenes! This was another one! Shes soooo stunning!
ElleKeener says:
Have either of you ever considered purchasing custom content or subscribing to fetish performers? It's honestly the way to go. Can't remember the last time I purchased mainstream porn content.
DeepKisser1x says:
Just shut up man and fuck off. No one cares about your opinion.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
DeepKisser1x The only true loser that will never get what they want, is yourself when you can't get a girlfriend to deep kiss you, because she realises that you are a toxic, immature, garbage-dump who doesn't have any respect for other people. The truth hurts buddy, I know, but I hope for your sake that you change your attitude and become a better human being by just being a tad bit less of an asshole.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
DeepKisser1x At least I have some respect for other people's opinions unlike yourself.Go Fuck yourself and Deep Kiss your own ass while you're at it. God, your garbage dump brain can't just stop producing toxic waste pretty soon it will shrink to the size of a peanut at this rate... JimS thank you for being someone who is decent and willing to compromise. I completely agree, I would enjoy both fetishes being filmed more, and I dont mind at all people who support other fetishes here, but it's people like DeepKisser1x who attack other people's fetishes that I do not respect at all. Im over here advocating for my fetish, leaving everyone alone, and this big dirty Crab Deepkisser1x just all of a sudden comes out of a dark sandy ass crack to cause a ruckus.
JimS says:
OR...we could just ask for more dry humping AND more deep kissing...there does still seem to be plenty of at least kissing. I just wish the scenes were more credible, whether it's deep kissing, dry humping, deep humping or dry kissing...and sadly the 'Teasers' of LS 24 on the GFF Youtube page look like a return to the GFF recent decline tbh.
DeepKisser1x says:
And I'll be here you fucking bastard. After every stupid comment you make I will be there to remind people what kind of psycho you are. Although many already know and see. Go find a girlfriend you lonely son of a bitch. Oh right, there is no one stupid enough to date such a scumbag. You'll never get what you want fucking loser.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
DeepKisser1x I might actually have to check into a mental institution after having to deal with the absurd amount of Toxic stupidity coming from your Garbage-Dump Brain of yours. Your comments are hilarious as fuck though so there is no harm done buddy hahah. I will keep advocating for Dry Humping on EVERY SINGLE RELEASE, and I will drink your tears every time, since theres nothing you can do about it AHAHAHA!
DeepKisser1x says:
You listen to me you moron. The only stupid comments here are yours. What fucking lunatic leaves the same comment on every movie? You should go to some mental institution and check in. Others agreed with you? if we put up a poll what is hotter everyone would pick kissing over stupid dry humping. Get the fuck out of here. And btw Brazil MFX is disgusting. That's not passioante kissing.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
DeepKisser01 Bro, No one likes immature kids like yourself who leave dogshit comments all the time. Thousands of people around the world enjoy Dry Humping you dumbass, and it sure as hell is a rare fetish that is filmed in lesbian videos these days that needs more attention, as others have agreed already with me here. If you want deep hot kissing go watch Brazil MFX or any other studio if there isn't enough already here for you on GFF, but If you have nothing to do except attack other people who support other fetishes than yours, then please, go find some other hobby but don't bring you're toxicity here Buddy.
DeepKisser1x says:
Bro, no one likes dry humping more than hot kissing. You can leave your comment all you want and copy paste every time but it's for nothing. Go watch some other studio and leave GF Films alone. They have other problems they need to sort out. Thier casting is awful as well as directing lately.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
Also vin Thanks for the suggestion, but I've seen that video before. I have browsed, watched and checked through all of GFF's films since their first one, and I have "Been there done that" with all of their dry humping scenes from the past, and there aren't many of them considering GFF has almost 1000 dvds out and each dvd has at least 4 scenes. There might be 50 Scenes out of the 4000 scenes overall that GFF has released, where there is extended dry humping in yoga pants, silk satin clothes, pajamas, long office pants, long skirts etc. Which is what I am into. But even in these scenes the dry humping between the girls only lasts maybe at maximum 3 or 4 minutes, which is not much time at all considering how much more time all the other fetishes get. It also gets old watching the same scenes over, and over, and over again, especially when there are so few that include my fetish, so here I am wanting them to release new and fresh dry humping scenes that last much longer.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
DeepKisser1xSo it's ok for you to leave a comment demanding more for your fetish, but all of a sudden It's a problem when I leave a comment demanding more for my fetish? HAHAHA!!! Your'e fucking hilarious buddy, and you are a Big Hypocrite too!! Don't you worry pal, I'm going to keep posting my comment demanding more dry humping from GFF every single release whether you like it not. At least we can agree on one thing though, this was another horrible release from GFF.
DeepKisser1x says:
Percy Sires, Coco Lovelock and Aften Opal are TERRIBLE! Awful kissers. Stop booking these three girls. This is another horrible release by GF Films. The only scene that saves it from being a total disaster is scene 3 with Aria and Crystal. Good kissing there but should've been longer.
DeepKisser1x says:
Stop with that stupid dry humping comment! No one cares about that. What we need are passion and long, passionate kissing.
JimS says:
DryHumpEnthusiast - no problem.
JimS says:
Yes, Scene 2, what exactly is the set-up? We are just supposed to guess. I prefer credible foreplayseduction.
Burrrrr says:
I like the tight jeans in scene 2. wish there were more foreplay involving them.
vin says:
Dry hump. If you dont already know about it, theres a great dry hump in cheer squad sleepovers 9, scene 3!
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
JimS Thank you for understanding my perspective. It's nice to see your perspective on things aswell and I completely agree with you.
JimS says:
Meant to say 'seduced BY older, powerful or more butchy women'.
JimS says:
Totally hear where you're coming from DryHumpEnthusiast. I've been watching GFF for 15 years, and all I ask for is for a GFF to be REALISTIC and BELIEVABLE, whether it's Dry Humping or not, but of course Dry Humping makes it more realistic. It's a bit of myth that GFF was always realistic, and that their storylines were never absurd, but they've clearly gone downhill in last 2-3 years. There has been a bit of an improvement recently with e.g. Lesbian Sex 23 and WSW 180. This latest release was a bit disappointing with the 3 mature cops not dressed like realistic characters yeah, I know it's porn, but what's the point in a storyline you can't believe in?. Doesn't have to be original or complicated set-up, just believable. Trust me, believability sells, as GFF have proved. The scenes themselves were fairly believable but sex, as with last release, a bit rushed, a bit facile. Kayley Gunner is hot, as is Aften Opal, but would prefer them to be confident, as they were here, but seduced my older, powerful or more butchy women. Keep trying, GFF...and thanks for producing quickly and getting these films on VOD.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
ElleKeenerYou are right, I do indeed continue to make the same comment on every video! There is a reason why I do, and I will continue to make the same comment on every release until my fetish is included in a GFF release. Those other sites you mentioned do have some dry humping, But I have already seen all of those videos, and for every 200 videos they make at those studios, there might be 1 or 2 that includes maybe a minute of dry humpinggrinding in yoga pants or silky clothes between the girls. Straplezz is a strap-on fetish site, where the uploads are in-frequent, and I enjoy lesbians dry humping in silky clothes like satin robes, and yoga pants, without wearing a strapon attached to them. Also, KissMeGirl no longer updates, and has been out of producing since about 2016. So thanks for thee suggestions, and I am very well aware of them, which is why I am commenting on GFF. It is true that GFF has gone downhill, and I am hear to complain about their lack of inclusion of other fetishes, when I have been a long time purchaser of their content since 2012 up until about a year or two ago when Moose took over the studio from Dan O connel. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have this studio include dry humping in their videos, and I think I speak for a lot of other people, and I will continue to advocate for my fetish.
ElleKeener says:
DryHumpEnthusiast, I see you make the same comment on every release, so decided to chime in. I think kissmegirl and straplezz are the websites you should be looking at.
Ukrainian says:
Loved seeing a very naked Reagan bring true justice to Percy's pussy and big ass!
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
Here we are again. I thought scene 1 might have had some potential for at least one minute of dry humping since both girls were wearing some sexy black jeans and soft pants. Guess what happened instead, you wont believe it! No long foreplay or sensual dry humpingtribbing in their pants or any action with the girl's clothes on in this film once again. For fucks sake, Girl friends films please just put at least 5 minutes of dry humping in just one of your videos ? Please? How many times do I have to say this before someone at GFF gets it? For those of you whose fetish is naked women in hardcore action all the time, you are lucky, and I am happy for you because that is all these videos have been from GFF and all the other lesbian studios for over a year now. I wish that was my fetish too, so that I dont have to wait for eternity hoping studios like GFF put in 5 minutes of any two girls dry humping and grinding in soft pants or silky clothes in one of their scenes. But please dont boast about how amazing this studio is. There is a lot more to a good lesbian video that is beautiful than just getting naked immediately. Sure, the girls are great, and im happy for your fetish being included all the time, but these videos can be A LOT better, and include everyone's fetish. Sensual seductions and long foreplay in this studio are extinct, and if the writers keep excluding this from every single video, it really doesnt do them any favors and their sales will keep dropping if they keep ignoring the other fetishes out there. I do not enjoy writing these comments, and I hope GFF does imorove as a studio. I guess I can only keep hoping they will realize this and put 5 fucking minutes of dry humping in their next film.......

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