Girl Girl Sex 319






Approximate Running Time: 01:56:43
Date Added: 2021-06-05
Released: 2021

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Quite some intense three-way action happening between Manon, Maylin, and Zhen! Laying down on the floor Maylin and Manon do some stretching, displaying their flexibility while Zhen, not being able to stop herself approaches them from the couch and caresses their bums. The situation rapidly escalates when Manon lays on the couch giving oral to Maylin who has sat on top of her while Zhen rubs herself against Manon's thigh. Slowly pulling Zhen's panties down, the girls focus on her, as they kiss her small breasts before turning their attention to Manon, caressing her pubic hair and fingering her as they kiss her nipples. Continuing to pleasure each other in numerous inventive positions, the girls will not stop until they have all reached and intense, and powerful orgasm.

Adelina and Elysa beam at each other as they snuggle together on the bed, sharing warm kisses and caresses. Adelina gently unbuttons Elysa's top, freeing her pale nipples decorated with freckles, and Elysa smiles at how cute Adelina's armpit hair looks peeking out from behind her overalls. Slipping their hands into each other's tight cotton panties, the girls gasp as they stroke. Soon they're completely naked, indulging in passionate licking and deep finger penetration. There's lots of sensual eye contact as both girls look delighted to be giving their friend so much pleasure. Adelina's tongue explores the taste in each fold of Elysa's hairy pussy as she relaxes on the bed with her legs open wide and inviting, and Elysa does the same for Adelia while she's standing up. They experiment with lots more positions, sharing intense orgasms that leave them satisfied as they curl up together.

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Cast & Stars: Girl Girl Sex 319

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1happyviewer says:
Clip 2 was very hot.

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