Teenage Fun






Studio: Web Young
Director: , , ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:39:05
Date Added: 2021-06-01
Released: 2021

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Emily Willis is lying on her bed, scrolling through her old photos on her phone. She happens upon one that seems to catch her eye and clicks on the photo. It's a photo of Emily and Mackenzie Moss. They are smiling and look very happy. Emily sighs nostalgically and a little sadly as she looks at the photo. Clearly, Mackenzie is important to her. Emily gets a text from another friend inviting her out to the club but ignores the text, saying aloud to herself 'I am NOT in the mood to go out tonight. The only thing I want to do tonight is...' Emily pulls up Mackenzie's contact info on her phone as her finger hovers over the 'call' button. She seems to be having an inner debate. 'No...I can't,' she says aloud to herself sadly, but after a few more seconds of debate, seems to change her mind. She takes a deep breath and pushes 'call' on her phone, putting it to her ear. After a second, Mackenzie picks up. Mackenzie is surprised to hear from Emily, who tells Mackenzie that she's sorry for what she did. She nervously adds that she misses Mackenzie and asks her to come over. Mackenzie agrees. A short time later, Mackenzie arrives, coming into the room. She looks somewhat angry and hesitant, as if she isn't sure whether or not she made the right decision in coming. They greet each other in a stilted way. Mackenzie especially seems wary around Emily. They sit down on the bed together, Mackenzie deliberately a little ways away from Emily. As they talk, it's revealed that they used to be best friends, but Emily ditched Mackenzie for the cool kids in college right after they both turned 18. Emily finally admits the real reason she did that: she was falling in love with Mackenzie. Suddenly, Mackenzie leans over and kisses Emily. Emily seems shocked but kisses her back. When they pull apart a moment later, Mackenzie says that she feels the same way. They kiss passionately, sliding their clothes off and caressing each other's tight bodies. Reconnecting with an old friend has never been this much fun.

Lily Larimar and Emma Starletto, two teen best friends, are ready to start the next chapter of their lives together. In their hands, they hold letters telling them whether or not they've been accepted into their college of choice. They're both excited and hopeful as they eagerly open their letters together. Lily is excited when she reads that she's been accepted into the college. Unfortunately, her excitement is quickly squashed as it's revealed that Emma WASN'T accepted. Emma's heartbroken, though Lily tries to comfort her however she can. Lily can't imagine going to college without her best friend by her side. In fact, she doesn't even want to go to this college if they BOTH can't be there together! As they share an emotional moment, something stirs between them. Before they know it, they're locked in a sweet kiss. Lily's loyalty to Emma has brought to surface their secret feelings for each other..

Two teens, Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe, are trying on their new class uniforms. Maya complains that hers is too big. Since Jane has some experience sewing, she offers to fix it for her friend. Jane takes out a measuring tape and measures Maya's charming little waist, then asks Maya to bend over so she can get an accurate measurement of Maya's nice butt! Next, it's time for Jane to take Maya's top measurements, but wait, surely the results will be more accurate if Maya takes her shirt off, right? Maya is a little shy but eventually agrees. She gets down to her bra, and whoops, her matching panties are also visible! When Jane gets a look at Maya's body, she becomes immediately lusty, but tries to hide it as she measures her. Eventually, Jane can't resist her lusty feelings anymore and makes excuses for Maya to take off more of her clothes, and even asks to touch Maya's breasts... all in the name of accuracy, of course. Maya catches on to what Jane is doing, but is receptive to her advances. Soon Jane's clothes come off as well, and then it's time for some fun kissing and lots of sexy touching. After all, who cares about clothes when these two beauties are a perfect fit for each other!

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