Cougariffic 2





Studio: Girlsway
Director: , ,
Approximate Running Time: 01:34:53
Date Added: 2022-05-29
Released: 2021

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Three teen friends, Emily Willis, Leah Lee, and Vina Sky, are going door-to-door looking for sponsors for their trip to France but aren't having much luck yet. When Kenzie Taylor opens the door, she is beyond pleased to have so many cute girls on her doorstep. She instantly allows them inside to hear more about their trip.

Eliza Eves is a babysitter. She knocks on the door of a house, thinking it's the home of her newest client, Mrs. Donovan. However, she actually has the wrong address, and Sheena Ryder answers the door. Eliza believes that Sheena is Mrs. Donovan, and introduces herself as the new sitter. Seeing how hot Eliza is, Sheena decides to play along, claiming that she is indeed Mrs. Donovan so she invites her inside.

Alexia Anders has just finished celebrating her 18th birthday party and is now relaxing with Brooke Banner, a friend of her parents. Brooke admits that it would be sad if Alexia's first year as an adult didn't get a proper start, so now that they're alone, she offers to give Alexia a special grownup birthday present.

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