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Attacked By Goddesses 2 Box Cover
Stars: , ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:04:18
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    These two beautiful goddesses kick him in the jewels super hard! Check out the sexy shoes they are wearing! Megans sandals are strappy platform wedges & Xana's heels are 7.5 inches high. Joe sure picked the wrong day to mess with these two hot girls!

    They decide to teach this loser a lesson by slamming their big heavy sandals into his bare naked jewels as hard as they can one after the other. Megan stomps his nuts to a pulp while Xana has him to suck on her huge high heel! Both goddesses kick, step & stomp his bare naked testicles hard like they are trying to crush a bug under their big sexy sandals. "I think there's juice in there!" - Megan says as she stomps on his ball bags. "Let's try & stomp it out of him!" - Xana yells as she picks up where Megan left off & continues to stomp his nuts hard with those sexy 7.5-inch spikes.

    Hopefully poor Joe has finally learned his lesson this time. If you mess with these two sexy goddesses - they will kick you in the nuts & stomp on your balls till there's nothing left!
    • Scene 1 - 4 mins 18 secs

      Joe Megan (i) Xana
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    Cast & Stars: Attacked By Goddesses 2

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