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Stiletto Heel Workout 2 Box Cover
Stars: , ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:06:36
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    Megan & Xana are wearing some tight workout clothes & their sexy barefeet have been sweating inside these stilettos the entire time they've been working out! This is a continuation of part 1.
    Both goddesses are using his scrotum as a stepper & they're completely pulverizing his jewels. Xana walks in place on his groin with a heel in each nut! "I think we should try it together" - Megan tells her & both girls crunch his nuts at the exact same time! Xana seems to really enjoy using her stilettos as nutcrackers while Megan makes him sniff her sweaty feet & heels. Both girls take off their heels & continue to step on his balls barefoot. "I have a nut under each foot!" - Megan yells as she crushes his jewels. "Damn - I feel like I popped a nut on that one!" - Xana tells her as she feels his nuts crunching under her pretty toes.
    • Scene 1 - 6 mins 36 secs

      Joe Megan (i) Xana
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    Cast & Stars: Stiletto Heel Workout 2

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