Katya's Ankle Sprain Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:31:48
Released: 2005
Custodian of Records
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    An Injured Ballerina on crutches recorded on video! This injured girl fantasy unfolds; Dancing Katya struggles with a difficult turn. By accident her delicate ankle collapses and Katya suffers a minor sprain to her left ankle. The possibility of a major injury upsets her to tears. Removing her toe shoe, she slowly probes her ankle gingerly with her finger tips, to examine her injured bare foot. Desperate for help she calls her teacher to explain. Her Russian accent and pout are very cute. After her visit to the doctor her ankle is wrapped in an Ace bandage. She will be on crutches until her ankle heals. Her crutches aid in her maneuvers around the house looking for her ice pack. The ice pack helps a lot. Making another call to her dance teacher eases her fear and pain. Katya reclines on her bed providing nice views of her lovely legs and hints of cute panties. After making herself comfortable she starts to feel a little relief & begins to sleep.
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    Cast & Stars: Katya's Ankle Sprain

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