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Red Assed Lap Dancing 20 - Battering The Buns Box Cover
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    Kristin: Don't let the petite frame or that sweet little face fool you - this girl's an up and coming porn star who's idea of punching the clock is unzipping her costar's trousers! The truth be told, Kristin is really quite good at what she does, or so we're told, and already she has become accustomed to star treatment both on and off the set. Imagine her dismay when first she saw our set, such as it is, and was then instructed to do that which she hadn't done in well over a year or more...a very ordinary striptease followed by a lap dance. What lil' Miss Hot Lips didn't realize, of course, was just what we meant by a lap dance! Nor was this budding sex star cognizant of the near religious fervor with which our man quite literally delights in spanking the bouncing bare bottoms of shameless jezebels such as she!

    Nina: This one's a local girl, a Philadelphia girl to be more precise. Nina is rude, disrespectful of others and when given instruction, she is frequently downright surly. In short, she is what folks nowadays refer to as a high maintenance person. As you can see here, it wasn't long before we found it necessary to do some maintenance ourselves!

    Ivy: This is a story about physical beauty, illusion and pretense; all on a grand scale and all subsequently stripped away layer by layer by layer. Ivy, who it must be said has the whole blonde bombshell thing down pat, elects also to portray herself as the quintessential classy southern belle. It would seem that the lady is no lady...She's a healthy young wench, however, and after awhile our man found it necessary to restrain her movements somewhat so as to afford himself continued unfettered access to her fancy tail.
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    Cast & Stars: Red Assed Lap Dancing 20 - Battering The Buns

    Comments on Red Assed Lap Dancing 20 - Battering The Buns

    Editor's Review

    What an exhilarating format: three pretty young things, one after the other, slowly & sensuously undressing & posing for the camera... then flipped over & spanked for all they're worth! This movie'd be perfect, if it weren't for a few niggling little details.

    For instance, I'm a sucker for realistic dialog, and unfortunately that's not where this movie excels. Don't get me wrong, I love the expository scenes where we're treated to each model's sexy mugging -- these are truly beautiful girls!-- but their half-hearted "bratty" acts are a disappointment. Silence might've been more foreboding.

    I was also distracted by the occasional use of weird sound effects at seemingly random points throughout the movie. Kinda sounded like the production was mixed by a morning show DJ, which didn't do a thing for me. Surprising, really, how fast a slide whistle can kill a hot mood...

    Good news is, clunky dialog & cartoon-y punctuations detract very little from the sound, steady spankings delivered in this movie! I was captivated, watching each girl's camera-ready fa├žade crumble as their asses are mercilessly pummeled by an uncaring, unflinching gentleman who remains mysteriously out of frame the entire movie. Some thrilling stuff to behold, for sure.

    Our first girl, Kristin, is a pretty, petite blonde looking yummy in silver hot pants, slowly stripping & teasing the camera... She doesn't take direction well, though, and before long she's roughly tossed across The Director's lap, squirming with outrage & disbelief. Her taut buttocks look so vulnerable, I almost wanted to scream when the first stinging smack cracked across those well-filled-out shorts...

    She yells & complains & curses as the bare-handed blows fall, again & again & again. This guy is a machine! Before long, her pants are down & her ass is not just rosy, but seriously damaged -- check out all the broken capillaries along the sides of each cheek. Ouch! Who needs high-caliber acting? A spanking this serious speaks for itself, loud & clear.

    She strips for the man, and then straddles his lap, facing him so that we get a great view of her terrifically inflamed ass. He appears to take some sexual liberties with her, and then abruptly he spins her over for another spanking! This time, I was taken by her lean legs as she flailed against him... I love how there's just the tiniest bit of flesh spilling over her sheer thigh-high stocking tops...

    I also love how she's really vocalizing now, "It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Goddam! Enough!" etc. She wriggles and bucks on his lap. She tries to back off him, to pull herself across over him, but he keeps her firmly in place. She kicks & beats on him, shakes her hands & covers her face like she can't believe the spanking continues.

    Finally, he rolls her off his lap & she hits the floor with a WHUMP! The camera lingers over her punished cheeks, and then, adding insult to injury, the Director slaps a $10 bill on her ass. Cold!

    Now, our next girl, Nina, comes across a lot less "diva" than Kristin -- a little grittier, which is nice. She's got long brown hair, brown eyes, great lips and a glowing complexion that hints at Italian or Eastern European heritage. My point is, this ain't another pale white ass that pinks up with a few slaps. Nina's golden cheeks seem to take forever to heat up, and it's a pleasure watching such a slow build-up.

    Nina's photo shoot includes some nice footage of her going down on a verrrry lucky banana. She doesn't have much patience for this kinda work, though, and eventually the Director is so sick of her bitching that he throws her over his knee to teach her a lesson. Blows fall upon her short skirt, which he then flips up to reveal an ivory g-string between two luminous globes, ripe for the spanking!

    I love her right cheek's adorable little beauty mark, and how her long hair drapes across her face, expertly framing her flashing eyes & anguished expressions... Her Philly accent is great, too -- I had to smile every time she cried, "Get awf me!"

    Eventually, the Director pulls her panties down and continues her punishment. This girl is a real squealer, making such a fuss I have to wonder if she's over-acting. Indeed, her choking sobs sound hysterical -- almost like she's laughing. But the camera reveals the sweaty, tearful face of a damsel in true distress. As she squirms, her bikini top shifts against his knee and from certain angles it looks like... is that her nipple peeking out? Sexy...!

    As if reading my mind, the Director tugs at the string behind her back, and her breasts spill out across his lap. He spanks her naked, now, as she squeals & cries uncontrollably -- you can even see her lower jaw quivering at one point, and her ass cheeks burn bright red during a brief break in the spanking to allow her to catch her breath. Right when it appears she's just about to lose her mind, he dumps her off him. What a sight! This beautiful, well-spanked girl, bare-assed & whimpering on the floor...

    Last but not least, we have Ivy, a curvy, va-va-voom kinda blonde with a Christina Aguillera look about her. As with the previous two segments, this one begins with a photo shoot where we enjoy a little flirting/teasing action. She's a vision in her satin, leopard-print lingerie. Nice full breasts & thighs, and her face is just beautiful -- the camera loves her! Unfortunately, the Director has no patience for her cigarette breaks, and there's a nice struggle between the two of them, when he finally wrestles her over his knee.

    She tries to block his hand, but he holds her down. She lets loose a litany of expletives, and with her cute Southern accent she comes across as a spoiled little girl who deserves every lick she receives. Her round, white buttocks seem terribly helpless against his hard, fast blows. I enjoyed how her pale flesh wobbles with every slap, turning redder & redder till finally, purplish whorls appear. Still, the spanking doesn't stop!

    He pulls her up so he's straddling his lap, facing him, and spanks her this way while she buries her head in his chest & cries. He pushes her down, now, so she's kneeling before him... orally pleasuring him as the camera drinks in her wide, welted bottom. He tosses her to the floor, chastises her for crying, and then picks up with the spanking again.

    The last few minutes of Ivy's spanking are quite vicious. She kicks & flails for all she's worth, to no avail. I really think she's screaming at the top of her lungs by now, too, and her eyes look wild with fear & fury. This is, by far, the "messier" of the three spankings in this movie -- the least controlled & the most emotionally-charged. I felt exhausted just watching it!

    Don't get me wrong, though, all three spankings in this movie were excellent. Lastly, in addition to my earlier issues with sound & script, there's also a "peeping Theresa" character in two of the spanking scenes that I could've done without. Maybe some people get turned on by a fully-clothed woman lurking outside a closed hotel room, eavesdropping & miming excitement at the sound of someone getting spanked. I just found it distracting.

    And why would ANYONE want to be sidetracked from these delightfully vigorous spankings?! Thank you, Red Hot Video!!