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Crash Pad Series - Episode 29: Brooklyn Flaco & Carson Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:18:47
Released: 2009
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    Friends with full benefits, Brooklyn Flaco and Carson making their christening voyage to the new Crash Pad location.

    "After about a year at the old place, it was time for a change of pace. I finally got all the cameras installed, and I knew it was only a matter of time until they were put to use. Brooklyn is an East Coast transplant with a lot of friends (with even more benefits). He's the perfect candidate to be a new key holder if you ask me. I think his buddy Carson is visiting from out of town, a fulltime couch surfer with a healthy dose of wander/lust. At this point, it seems that the whole city of San Francisco has the key to the old pad, time to take it bi-coastal and beyond. One in every city, what do you think? " - Key Master

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    Cast & Stars: Crash Pad Series - Episode 29: Brooklyn Flaco & Carson

    Comments on Crash Pad Series - Episode 29: Brooklyn Flaco & Carson

    Editor's Review

    The Crash Pad never gets old for me. Amazingly hot queers getting fucked up and down the apartment, with an awesomely pervy keymaster watching on the old computer screen - a totally sexy nutshell if you ask me! And after watching Courtney Trouble's Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out! for the umpteenth time, I knew I needed to explore the hotness that is Carson.

    Femme-y in a tomboy kind of way, Carson is the kind of lady that dyke fantasies are all about. She is aggressive and sassy with a sweet, giggly streak that warms the heart while making it tingle in your pants. And we can't forget about Brooklyn Flaco! A tattooed, afro-sporting hottie herself, Brooklyn is not only as cute as a button in her Spiderman shirt, she is a regular stud when it comes to making Carson moan.

    While it may be a turn off to some that Brooklyn isn't wearing sexy panties, I find her Transformers underpants totally hot and it definitely makes the movie even better for me. And I know I'm not the only one who feels like that. I'll admit I was kind of thrown off by the cross around her neck, because I don't usually see too much religious paraphernalia in porno, but I figure that's what makes queer flicks so unique - everyone is allowed to be themselves.

    Another thing I love about queer porn like Crash Pad is the involvement of the performers in how they fuck. I noticed that Carson and Brooklyn don't use gloves or barriers here, though they are often found in other Crash Pad episodes. I think it's extra hot to know that even though they aren't using them, they were given the option do chose, and they both made a consensual decision to go sans. I am a sex educator through and through.

    All-in-all, this movie is another win from one of my favorite studios. Definitely take a look!