The Neighbor Lady






Studio: House of Fyre
Approximate Running Time: 00:24:19
Date Added: 2021-04-15
Released: 2020

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The neighbor lady has hired you to do some jobs around her house while you're still home for the summer before going off to college. You've been spying on her in the garden for months, and you think she might be into you too but you're not sure. When you show up with some groceries, it becomes apparent by the way she's acting toward you that she's into you, but she's giving off mixed signals. She says she's going upstairs to change and you shouldn't follow her, but you can't resist. That ass is so juicy.

You spy on her with your dick out, not realizing she can see you in the mirror... and she's been waiting for you. She's horny for young cock and blows you like her life depends on it. She fucks you so good, her huge breasts so close to your face, but right before she cums, she warns you to pull out. She knows young semen is very fertile, and she doesn't want you getting her pregnant. You cum on her bush. Then she suggests that perhaps you could do this one more time before you go away to school.

Clip 1 - 24 mins 19 secs

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Cast & Stars: The Neighbor Lady

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