Girl Girl Sex 321






Approximate Running Time: 01:50:31
Date Added: 2021-05-15
Released: 2021

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Scene 1: Girl Girl: Gabriella S & Kalie - Lesbian Fingering: Kalie and Gabriella are changing the sheets of the bed before starting to sensually make out. Moving her hands towards Kalie's large breasts, Gabriella smiles as she feels Kalie's hands grabbing firmly her round bum. Spreading her legs wide apart, Gabriella holds Kalie's head and exhales deeply when she feels Kalie's moist tongue on her already wet vulva. Laying on all fours, Kalie giggles when Gabriella pulls down her panties to her knees, and fingers her passionately from behind, making her moan in pleasure.

Scene 2: Girl Girl: Galina & Kristiana - Boob Sucking: Galina and Kristiana cuddle up together in bed, both wearing tight tank tops and spandex pants that show off their matching curvy figures. Their hands explore each other’s large breasts and warm thighs as they peel off the stretchy clothes and exchange gentle kisses and passionate nipple sucking. Both girls savour the sweet taste of their new friend’s pussy in a sensual 69, then take turns ravishing each other. Sitting on Kristiana’s face, Galina throws her head back and bites her lip as she is transported by the feeling of a tongue swirling around her clit. Then Kristiana lies back with her legs open so Galina can bury her face between them, smiling as she parts the fluffy pubic hair and plunges her tongue deep inside. Tribbing, standing up and bent over in doggy, both girls revel in giving pleasure, before holding each other close in a satisfied embrace.

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Cast & Stars: Girl Girl Sex 321

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