Freckles Covered In Cum






Studio: The Only3x Network
Approximate Running Time: 00:30:14
Date Added: 2021-06-05
Released: 2021

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Teasing us today is fit ebony babe Alexis Tae, with her blowjob skills. Damn that girl is hot, and how talented she is omg!

Alexis Tae has an overall "girl from the neighborhood" feel and vibe. She has that great hair of hers, relatable face, and a nice, fit, healthy body. By the first looks you are sort of mesmerized because her yellow top just points out how great she is looking! Those tight short jeans are just really the icing on the cake.

Speaking of those pants - under it, and this is a spoiler alert ladies and gentleman, she has absolutely no underwear at all. And since this becomes evident in the first 3 minutes or so, we can start enjoy her really nice body very quickly into the scene. The pants were followed by her aforementioned yellow top, and there is no bra under that, either. Really, you don't know where to watch. It is just all candy to the eyes...

Clip 1 - 30 mins 14 secs

Freckles Covered In Cum Clip 1 00:01:40
Freckles Covered In Cum Clip 1 00:05:00
Freckles Covered In Cum Clip 1 00:09:00
Freckles Covered In Cum Clip 1 00:13:20
Freckles Covered In Cum Clip 1 00:22:40

Stars: Alexis Tae
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Cast & Stars: Freckles Covered In Cum

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