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Wipe That Lipstick Off Her Face Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:06:05
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    8mm loops were the sexual underground. They were sold under the counter in adult bookstores or by shady peddlers. Selling or possessing these loops was a crime back in the day. They usually came in white boxes. Black and white was one price, color was a higher price. A film like this could cost $20 to $100 a loop. And that's '60s and '70s money. You never knew what you were getting. Later the loops would be labeled with names like Pretty Girls, Golden Girls, etc. Most of these loops had no titles as after repeated playing the film would get worn and would break off.

    They would just start with hardcore sex or get down to it after a minute or so of plot. Common plots were doctor/patient, boss/secretary, hitchhikers being picked up, etc. Darker plots included hardcore S&M, bondage, and some other twisted shit. Some "recognizable" stars appeared in these things. Porn legends like Vanessa Del Rio, Sandy Dempsey, Rene Bond, Seka, Suzanne Fields, Jamie Gillis, Mark Stevens, Tina Russell, and John Holmes all cut their teeth in the industry doing these loops.

    In "Wipe That Lipstick Off Her Face" a longhaired brunette with a set of real bodacious tata's really likes dark meat. She hooks up with a guy with a 12 inch black anaconda. She crams that crank in her mouth, paying special attention to the head. Watch how she brushes her teeth with it. It's so big that she needs both hands to hold it. He milks the huge choad into her smiling face. Now he goes for seconds as he spreads her cheeks and is greeted by a gaping pussy, which he fills with grade "A" tube steak. He goes down on her and spears her pussy with his tongue. There was an urban legend back in the 70s that black guys didn't like to eat pussy. I guess no one told this guy because he licks it like a champ. He pops his rocks a second time on her butt cheeks.
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    Cast & Stars: Wipe That Lipstick Off Her Face

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